HOTEL VS SERVICED APARTMENTS; Which is the better choice?

HOTEL VS SERVICED APARTMENTS; Which is the better choice?

Many business and leisure travelers are often faced with the dilemma of choosing between serviced apartments and hotels. So what exactly do you look out for when deciding the right kind of travel accommodation?

If you are considering spending a number of nights then a serviced apartment is a far better choice. It may look like an extravagant move but in real sense you’ll end up saving some bucks.

Now, think of all the space and the privacy you’ll have all to yourself. It’s  literally a home away from home. An apartment is like a one stop shop, everything is at your disposal; the refrigerator, washing machine, dryers, microwave and what have you.

Tagging kids along? It’s still convenient since you don’t have to be choked up in one room and the kids can have a good time as well thanks to amenities such as kids playing grounds which is a common feature in many luxury apartments. 

One undeniable primacy when it comes to serviced apartments is that you can cook your own food at the comfort of your fully equipped kitchen. An extra penny saved, right?

Another great advantage of serviced apartments is that the prices are more stable compared to hotels whose prices vary depending on the season. 

All this explains why the demand for serviced apartments has significantly shot up over the recent past.

Good news is you can get to enjoy all the above benefits and more at Nyali Golf View Residence located in Nyali, Mombasa just 0.6 miles from Mamba Village Crocodile Farm.

Planning a meeting to strike that deal you’ve worked so hard for in your entire lifetime? Worry not because we make it our business to cater for all your business needs.Our modern boardrooms will provide the ideal business environment enabling you bag some wins.

Your morning or evening run routine may be interrupted by change of environment due to unfamiliarity. Safety and finding the best place for a run is actually a concern to many. Again this is not something to get you in a glister. At Nyali Golf View Residence, we have a modern fitness gym that will bring you closer to your fitness goals during the course of your stay.

Our other amazing features include an infinity pool overlooking the Indian ocean, a presidential suite, beautiful outdoor terraces with amazing coastal views and so much more. (Click>>https://bit.ly/2qoJb5k  for all the information you need about us and bookings).

So the next time you want to spend some nights in, consider staying in a serviced apartment.It will definitely save you some cash and make you feel right at home within your travel budget.

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